Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Day 1 - Budapest, Hungary

Will try to keep this blog up, but it all depends on how often I can get to a wifi hotspot.

So I've arrived in Hungary. It's very damp and dark, but I guess that's what you get for arriving in November at nighttime. Alex is the owner of the hostel that I've arrived in, and he seems incredulous that anyone should come to his country at this time of year. Let alone that I should expect to be able to take any photos later in the week. No sign yet of the "old woman's summer," the Hungarian version of our Indian Summer.

Decided to get the bus & metro to the city centre, if only because the Budapest underground is the oldest in the world (outside the UK); built in 1896 - it is a world heritage site, though everything seems to be so these days! Little more to say as I have literally just arrived, but I have many museums to see in the morning, and am being taken out on the town by my new Hungarian friends tonight. So may have much more to add tomorrow....

Up there is a picture of the first impressive-looking building that I saw as I walked in - no idea what it is, maybe someone could tell me?




  1. haha, the building in ur pic is the parliament building, only THEE most recognizable landmark in budapest :)) no wonder it's impressive looking: it was built at a time when hungary was about three times the size as it is today...

    as for "old woman's summer" - make it "old hags' summer" :) i find it pretty derogatory and NEVER use it, good thing "indian summer" is just as much in use (at least that's what i like to think)

    enjoy ur stay! weather forecast says thursday should be sunny! :)

  2. Yay, glad you got there safe & sound. And have found new friends to look after you haha. Have they shown you were to get some food? Hope so, dont go Hungary! Sorry, had to. Have Fun! xx