Saturday, 21 November 2009

Day 12 - Sosua, Dominican Republic

I woke up at 4am this morning. No surprise there, I'm still kinda trying to get used to the time difference, but this was different. I was awoken by an itchy ankle. It was only a couple of hours later that I realised the problem. I'd been ravaged by mosquitoes. During the 19th century Haitian rebellion, more French soldiers were killed by mosquitoes than by the rebels; I knew that, so in truth I should've expected it, but no - I never take action until it's waaay too late and I've been itching all day.

Anyway, now covered in repellent (which is the most painful thing ever when it gets on your face) I walked into town to see if I could get to Haiti, or if not, what I could do for the weekend. To be honest I wasn't hopeful - as I mentioned yesterday, this is a party resort - but while it turns out that there *is* a day trip to Haiti that goes on Fridays (damn!) there is also an excursion that includes a visit to a Haitian Village that leaves tomorrow. It sounds like a touristy nightmare, but still, may as well give it a go.

So today I had little to do. In this tourist hotspot I thought "when in Rome" and so got an english breakfast and watched the football, before sitting by the pool all afternoon. Still, did some nice Haiti research with a book borrowed from the Hostel - did you know, for instance, that Haiti's red and blue flag is the French Tricolour with the white bit ripped out - created as a piece of anti-white sentiment by revolutionary Jean Jacques Dessalines? Or that after baseball, cockfighting is the second most popular sport on Hispaniola? No, me neither.

Anyway, the day wasn't completely lost. I managed to get to the beach at sundown and take some nice shots that I hope will be useful for a future Holiday show. One of the cheesiest was of a QI sign drawn in the sand which is washed away by the tide. You never know, it might work!! Ha ha. Early morning start tomorrow; it's my final day in Sosua - fingers crossed it'll be a useful one.



  1. Spray the repellent into your hand first and then rub onto your face and neck!

  2. It looks a bit more like an 1 than an i.